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About Musicatics International


Music has been the fundamental of all learnings.


Studying music as part of academics was and is an integral part of education across cultures. The music itself is indeed very mathematical, and mathematics is inherent to many basic ideas in making music. Music has been proved for ages in developing the creativity and intellectual aspects of learning.


Musicatics International primarily helps music students who pursue instrumental study. The core concept of Musicatics International is to Read, Write, Perform music and more.

Music has always been the most sought after performing art across the globe. It is mostly understood as learning instruments such as Piano, Guitar, Violin, or Vocals. But very few know its medium of communication, the Music Theory. Musica Maths is the medium of music through its mathematical concepts. It ignites the love for Music & Mathematic which is believed and proved to be the core of all learning's and discoveries.

Come fall in love with this new subject, which is Theoretical, Philosophical, Spiritual and Practical. It transforms Ignorance to BLISS.

Learning music has always fascinated people around the world, but how many get to know this as a subject which leads to UG, PG and Ph. Ds?


To educate and encourage every parent, academic teachers, music teachers, academic students, music students and professional of all walks of life to discover and create a love for music through its mathematics concepts 


To inspire a minimum of 1K ambitious and talented students, to register and tutor month by month, to create a music literate society.

Musicatics International

From the house of

'Yamani College of Music and Examinations'

Yamani College of Music and Examinations, a 18-year-old organization, was established in 2004 with a vision to build a structured and system-driven Western Music Academy in India, at par with International Standards of teaching to impart lessons on theory of music, piano, keyboard, violin and guitar.

The methodology of the study was designed to be both Practical and Theory, by integrating the theories of music with instrumental learning and after extensive research and study, Musicatics International was established as an independent subject like any other.

The concept, content, curriculum, into an examination board, with an innovative and progressive series of workbooks and examinations every month, has made Musicatics International the most sought after subject.

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