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Ahlauyu S V Naiud LTCL

Founder - Director

Under the unique and structured tutelage of Ms Ahluayu SV Naiud, you will understand rather than memorize, explore rather than learn, and read rather than listen.

Founder of 3Bs Western Music Academy in 2004, Ms Ahlauyu is a qualified musician with an LTCL (Licentiate of Trinity College of London), who is into music education since 1991 with her vast knowledge and teaching experience in India and abroad for international examination boards.

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Her research into music made her conceive, conceptualize and develop unique content and curriculum for imparting western Music theory education. With the privilege of having her father Late R. Venkatesan as the mentor, she achieved heights in her chosen field, as Music Educator. After appearing for various grade examinations, she took the credit of being the only Indian woman to have completed the LTCL (Licentiate of Trinity College of Music London) in Classical Guitar.

She secured the highest marks and was awarded the rolling trophy, Lady Papworth's Lyre, in the year 1993, which is yet to be rolled to another LTCL Classical Guitarist.

After a brief period of teaching in Singapore, she returned to establish the 3Bs at Adyar, to offer quality music education of international standards here in India.

She is a member of various prestigious music organizations, like the 'Madras Chamber Orchestra', 'Madras Guitar & String Ensemble', 'Madras Philharmonic and Choral Society', and 'Handle Manuel Chorus'.

Besides music education, she has performed extensively as a soloist, as a part of an ensemble, and also organized various concerts to inculcate the concert-going practice across her community. She was the first to initiate the 'Western Classical Music Festival' here in Chennai.

As a credit to her passion and dedication towards music education, the University of West London - London College of Music Examinations recognized her as the 'Representative for Tamil Nadu & Pondicherry' in 2010. Since then, under her guidance, more than 2500 students from 3Bs, as well as various other music schools and teachers all over Tamil Nadu, Bangalore and Vijayawada have passed out successfully with merits and distinctions.

Musica Maths, presently a subject very close to her heart, is her dream come true!

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